Post-Launch Updates: Telegram Support, Community Slack, and Celebrating Success

Posted on January 11, 2022 in Bug Alert News


The Bug Alert team is celebrating a successful launch with more features (Telegram support!), a community Slack, and more.


The Bug Alert team is happy to announce Telegram support! Join our Telegram channel to receive vulnerability notices in real-time.

This functionality was contributed by a member of our volunteer team, Ethan Schorer. Thanks Ethan!

Stay up to date on the latest Bug Alert news or come chat vulnerabilities in our public Slack workspace. This is also where the volunteer team discusses features and updates, and we'd be happy to get your input as well!

Click here to create an account.

🎉 Post-Launch Celebration

Over 1,000 subscribers have registered with Bug Alert, which is far in excess of what I could have imagined just a week ago. I am honored you agree that Bug Alert is a potential solution to a very real problem, and as a community, we'll work to improve security across the world.

If you have suggestions for Bug Alert, or wish functionality existed which doesn't today, please file an issue on GitHub and let us know! If you know Python, we'd also love to have you contribute to our codebase to make those ideas a reality.

Thanks again for making Bug Alert an early success. We look forward to what the future has in store.

P.S. If you haven't already, follow us on Twitter. While notices are also posted to Twitter, we'll also use the platform for disseminating less pressing, informational content, such as minor feature enhancements or bugfixes. Notices will always be tagged with #BugAlertNotice, which you can use for filtering alerts if you are utilizing tools like IFTTT to monitor the feed and only want to see the emergency stuff. Hope to see you there!

Additional vulnerability discussion can be found on GitHub.
Have information to contribute? Make a pull request!