Financial Support

Hello, I'm Matthew Sullivan, the project founder and primary financial backer. Thank you for your interest in offsetting the infrastructure costs of this project!

As Bug Alert grows, it will be a moderately costly service to run. If a subscriber receives a notice using all three methods (email, SMS, phone), that notice will cost approximately $0.20 USD to send. Multiply that by, say, 10,000 subscribers, and we find that this notice suddenly costs $2,000 USD to send.

I want to take a wait-and-see approach to fundraising; if there is significant interest, I may consider something like Patreon for supporting the service. For now, though, if you would like to offer one-time financial support, feel free to donate via Venmo (U.S. only): or via PayPal: PayPal Donation Page. If you or your company are interested in sponsoring the site, please email me and we can discuss. My various ways of being reached can be found on Keybase.

Project Backers & Sponsorship

Platinum Sponsorship ($1000 for 90 days)

Platinum sponsors are credited with supporting the project in all email communications and in the footer of all notices posted on Bug Alert. Platinum sponsors are also given 140 characters for including a message of their choice which links to the destination of their choice. Message content and link destinations are subject to Bug Alert's review and approval, and must align with our values of honesty and trust. Because there's no guarantee that a vulnerability will be discovered and reported on during the 90-day sponsorship period, the project will extend sponsorship at no cost until at least one (non-test) notice is sent out from the project.

Major Financial Contributions ($100+)

Every single donation is extremely appreciated! It would be very time-consuming to update the site crediting every contributor (especially since this project is run on volunteer time), but we want to highlight the following contributors for having made a major financial contribution in the past 12 months: