Testing International Call and SMS Support via Twilio

Posted on November 09, 2022 in Test


This is a test notice, which you have opted in to. Bug Alert has completed integrating Twilio support for international calls and SMS. Save our phone number to your contacts!


The Bug Alert team is excited to test our integration with Twilio, which will allow the project to send calls and SMS notifications to our subscribers outside of North America. We have a new phone number as well.

Calls and texts will now come from +1 (507) 668-8567 +1 (507) NOVULNS 😉

A celebration!

When Bug Alert launched in January 2022, it was hard to imagine having even a few hundred people as part of our community. Today, we serve notices to thousands of people all across the world, and continue to stand at the ready to make a positive difference in the security community. Thank you for your continued support, and we're so glad to be bringing the entire Bug Alert feature set to our worldwide community.

If you got this test notice by SMS (we didn't fire off phone calls for this one), feel free to take a screen shot and post it in celebration on the GitHub pull request for this notice! We especially want to celebrate a (hopefully) successful test with anyone who lives outside of North America.

A few housekeeping items:

We've also seen an increase in email notices going to Spam folders; if you would please check your spam and mark any Bug Alert messages as 'safe', it would help the project immensely!

Bug Alert is happy to continue serving the Twitter community, but I (Matthew Sullivan, Founder) remain concerned about Twitter's long-term prospects. A significant number of security professionals have adopted the Infosec Exchange Mastodon server as their new home. Bug Alert runs on volunteer time, but getting support for posting notices automatically on the Infosec Exchange Mastodon server will be a high priority, so that we can properly serve that community. If that's something you are interested in tackling, we'd be happy to accept a pull request to the project.

Finally: if you received an email or SMS linking to this notice, and no longer wish to receive test notices (typically no more than one per quarter), please update your Bug Alert subscription preferences.

Additional vulnerability discussion can be found on GitHub.
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